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If you want to know the healthcare future, look at its past: 75 years of NHS learning

14 Jun 2023
The NHS at 75 zone
NHS at 75 , Supporter session

Grappling with cultural, safety, workforce, financial and reputational challenges occupies a the vast majority of a Board’s time and energy and the hills to climb can seem steeper than ever. But in the rush to seek new answers, we easily overlook the lessons that healthcare history can teach us. None of the questions are new; yet still we struggle to find the answers. This session takes us back through time to see how issues of staffing of the workplace, the allocation of resources, reporting adverse events and the ways to learn from them, were considered and developed in the earliest days of the NHS. There is much to learn from those who went before us; come and meet them again in 2023.

This session is supported by RLDatix.

This session is part of the NHS at 75 Zone, which is supported by RLDatix.

Dr Darren Kilroy MBA M.Ed. PhD, Medical Director (International) - RLDatix