Beyond COVID-19 and the health and care bill: the future of home and community-based cancer care

15 Jun 2022
PUU2 - 4B
Collaboration & partnerships , Supporter session

Despite the UK moving past the COVID-19 pandemic, our NHS has been left with recovery challenges while it's simultaneously undergoing transformational change.

Establishing integrated care systems to serve the needs of local populations marks a significant shift in how we approach the delivery of healthcare. Now is the time to consider what the impacts may be if we moved care for chronic conditions closer to home, how this could look and what this approach could mean for cancer patients, their families, and carers. The Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare service will be used as a case study for the discussion.

This session is supported by Mckesson.

Sarah Dawood, Journalist and Editor - New Statesman
Jo Upton, Head of Nursing - LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare
Richard Sloggett, Future Health Research - Founder and Programme Director
Steven McIntosh, Executive Director of Advocacy & Communications - Macmillan Cancer Support
Susan Gibert, Chair - National Homecare Medicines Committee and Homecare Medicines Pharmacist
Lloyds Pharmacy