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15 Jun 2022
The Forum
Driving recovery

In response to COVID-19, one of the most impactful tools at our disposal was the power of data.

  • Data identified those who are most vulnerable to coronavirus.
  • Data powered vital research that helped us discover new treatments that saved lives.
  • Data was essential to our day-to-day response.

Giving decision-makers access to accurate real-time information to make informed, effective decisions is transforming how we plan, manage, and sustain services. Across the health and care system people are using data more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

This expert panel chaired by Andreas Haimböck-Tichy, Chair, Health & Social Care Council, TechUK - will look at how we can leverage data to equip integrated care systems with the information they need to coordinate services, improve population health and reduce inequalities.

Andreas Haimböck-Tichy, Chair, Health & Social Care Council - TechUK
Ayub Bhayat, Director of Insight and Data Platform - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Nicola Byrne, National Data Guardian - National Data Guardian
Timothy Ferris, National Director of Transformation - NHSEI