An international perspective on net zero

16 Jun 2022
International zone

Following the NHS commitment to Net Zero, 54 countries have now committed to decarbonise their health systems and 14 have now committed their health sector to net zero. What does this mean for health systems and hospitals around the world?

The International Hospital Federation is launching the Geneva Sustainability Centre to support Hospital Leaders to deliver net positive, resilient and healthy Hospitals globally. This session will include an overall global summary of the road map to decarbonise the health sector and outline the key challenges and opportunities to accelerate the pace of action. It will bring in perspectives from other countries including a discussion between Sonia Roschnik, Executive Director and Sophie Meisser, Sustainability Lead at the Geneva University Hospitals. The session will conclude with some final thoughts on working collaboratively across health systems to accelerate action.

This session is part of the International feature zone, which is supported by Healthcare UK.