Lessons from the pandemic to overcome NHS challenges: keeping momentum on digital innovation

16 Jun 2022
Breakfast session - 4B
Supporter session , Driving recovery

After an unprecedented pandemic, the health system is facing its most challenging period to date. It needs help to clear the backlog of over 6 million patients waiting for elective care, support the workforce and deliver inclusive and integrated care for patients.

In this breakfast session, chaired by Andy Cowper, Editor of Health Policy Insight, accuRx and NHS professionals from primary and secondary care will discuss lessons from adopting technology during the pandemic and how these can be applied to overcome some of the NHS’ biggest challenges, from elective recovery to the breakdown in communication across healthcare services. Learn how Integrated Care Systems can implement technology that puts solutions into the hands of frontline staff.

This session is delivered in partnership with accuRx

Andy Cowper, Editor - Health Policy Insight
Catherine Pollard, Head of Tech Policy - NHS England and NHS Improvement
Dave Triska, GP Partner - Witley and Milford Medical Partnership
Satya Raghuvanshi, Senior Clinical Lead - accuRx