A truly civic partnership: the future of NHS working with universities

15 Jun 2022
Recovery and system transformation zone
Recovery & system transformation

The relationship between our universities and NHS organisations is one of the oldest, strongest and most valuable local partnerships we have. With the success of the vaccine development and roll-out you could argue this relationship has never had a higher profile – why the need to reimagine it?

As anchor institutions, universities and NHS organisations are being pushed to better understand the role and responsibilities they have to support their communities. The Civic University Network and NHS Confederation published a report in November 2021 exploring how universities and the NHS can work together to maximise their collective benefits to society and the economy, ensuring this relationship remains at the heart of discussions about health and care policy and the levelling-up agenda.

This session will hear from the University of Liverpool about their civic focus and how a different relationship with the NHS can improve population health across the city's diverse, local communities.

This session is part of the Recovery and Transformation Zone, which is supported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK.

Michael Wood, Head of Health Economic Partnerships - NHS Confederation
Iain Buchan, Associate Pro Vice Chancellor for Innovation - University of Liverpool